Program of the BPS Annual Conference, May 22 2019, ULB

08:30 : Registration and coffee

09:00 : Welcome of the BPS President (Forum A)

09:10 : Plenary lecture 1 (Forum A)

Prof. Hamid Aît Abderrahim

(SCK-CEN, Mol, Belgium)

The MYRRHA project

10:00 : Plenary lecture 2 (Forum A)

Prof. Vladimir Tikhonchuk 

Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications, University of Bordeaux, France and Extreme Light Infrastructure, Prague, Czech Republic )

Physics of matter under intense radiation fields under study at the ELI and Laser Megajoule laboratories

10:50 : Coffee break

11:15 : Discover what EPJ can do for you

11:25 : Oral presentations of the Young Scientist contest (Forum A) (20 min each)

12:25 : Conference picture

12:30 : Walking lunch and poster session

14:30 : Parallel sessions

  • Fundamental Interactions, Particle and Nuclear Physics (Prof. Barbara Clerbaux, ULB)

                Invited speaker: Prof. Gudrun Hiller (Technical University Dortmund)

  • Condensed Matter and Nanostructure Physics (Prof. Simone Napolitano, ULB)

                Invited speaker : Prof. Mark Geoghegan (University of Sheffield)

  • Biological, Medical (Prof. Patricia Losada Perez, ULB)

                 Invited speaker : Prof. Francesc Sagués (Universidad de Barcelona), The microtubule/kinesin system: A versatile realization of an active nematic

  • Atoms, Molecules, Optics, and Photonics (Prof. Xavier Urbain, UCLouvain)

                Invited speaker : Prof. Stephen Hogan (University College London)

  • Astrophysics, Geophysics, and Plasma Physics (Prof. Simona Toscano, ULB)

                Invited speaker : Prof. Simone Russo (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Ispra), Half a degree and rapid socioeconomic development matter for heatwave risk

  • Statistical, and Mathematical Physics (Prof. Thomas Gilbert, ULB)

                Invited speaker : Prof. Karel Proesmans (UHasselt)

  • Physics and Education (Ph. Leonard, ULB)



           Invited speaker : Domien Van der Elst, Using Technology to provide pupils access to the best physics teachers

    Invited speaker :  Bart Huyskens, Luchtkwaliteit en IOT in de STEM klaspraktijk

18:00 : Closing ceremony, announcement of prizes and awards (Forum A)